Aug 31, 2015

How the IoT Adds Up to a More Convenient Life

Anyone who’s been following technology – or even just general – news will have heard a lot about Internet of Things (IoT) or “smart” devices recently. And some might be asking just how much of a real impact will these products have on my everyday life?

The answer, as it turns out, is more than you might think. Individually, smart devices may appear to offer only minor conveniences (with the exception of connected medical devices). But when combined, these items can radically transform the way we live.

For instance, let’s say that the first thing you do upon waking up each day is make a bee-line to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. Sure it only takes a few minutes, but what if your coffee maker could begin the brewing process itself as soon as its sensors tell it that you’ve woken up (or maybe when you switch off the alarm clock). You could walk into the kitchen to be greeted by a steaming pot of coffee and have more time to get ready or check the news, before jumping in the car and heading to work.

In the car, you might pop on some music or listen to some drive time radio. However, your mind always wanders to what tasks and issues may await you when you arrive at the office. If your car had reliable 4G LTE connectivity, it could enable you to open your email via voice command and then read the email content to you. If anything urgent pops up, you could use voice commands to craft a reply email or place a call to the appropriate contact to begin resolving the situation immediately.

Once in your office, a wide array of connected devices can make your life easier. A connected printer can not only warn you when you are low on ink but can automatically order replacement cartridges. Connected lighting and HVAC systems can help you conserve energy, and smart security systems eliminate the potential for human error.

When work is over, you have a few hours to yourself to unwind. Perhaps you will play a few holes of golf, tracking your swing statistics using your connected clubs and an application. Or, maybe you will spend a little time out in your garden using smart gardening devices to automatically manage your sprinkler system.

These are just a few of the many products that can help you make small improvements that, combined, will improve your overall quality of life. The IoT has huge implications for businesses in nearly every sector, but it can also make our own day-to-day lives more convenient. Additionally, the advent of LTE chipsets that consume less power at lower cost is driving the smart device market forward at lightning speed. We are only just beginning to see the potential for what innovation manufacturers can dream up.